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Umad chat bot


Everyday startup news from TechCrunch

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Talk To Me chat bot

Talk To Me

Talk To Me - when you just need someone to talk to Anonymous chat with a random person. Boat does not keep the message history - each message is removed ...

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ProtCivComuneFi chat bot


Bot automatico che gestisce le comunicazioni e i rischi riguardanti la Protezione Civile nel Comune di Firenze

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nokita chat bot


An AI Bot with some intelligence

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Slack Platform News chat bot

Slack Platform News

News and updates from the Slack Platform, delivered straight to your team. If you work with Slack’s API, this is the perfect way to say in the loop with new ...

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PBXDom for Slack chat bot

PBXDom for Slack

PBXDom helps SMEs to Enterprises better understand their phone system activity, *You lose money every time the sales department misses a phone call *You will have unsatisfied customers if they ...

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teamfeed chat bot


Keep your organization updated about your amazing work. Simply showcase your work - Teamfeed gives your teams a canonical feed to track updates that matter. Post to your teams' feeds ...

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SlimWiki chat bot


SlimWiki is an easy to use knowledge sharing platform for teams. With a beautifully simple editing experience, including easy management of images, videos and attachments, your team will be able ...

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Dictionary chat bot


Allows users to type /dictionary or /thesaurus to get the dictionary or thesaurus results for , respectively.

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RSS Fox chat bot


Advanced RSS integration allows you to subscribe to an RSS or Atom feed URL and receive updates in Slack. Feeds will be fetched periodically, and new items will be posted ...

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odrive chat bot


odrive is the desktop sync for all your Slack files. Get sync access to all your Slack channels and direct messages. Open all your Slack files and make updates directly ...

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Pinnatta chat bot


Pinnatta is the world's first interactive messenger. It's a new and fun way to send interactive cards, personalised video and animated messages to your friends and family. This integration allows ...

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TMail21 chat bot


TMail21 is an asynchronous communication platform for teams. It enables collaboration, task management, processes and commerce right within powerful discussion threads. Slack and TMail21 are the perfect complement to each ...

Slack   |  3075 |  0. |   0 chat bot offers audio/video conferences with file and screen sharing directly in you web browser. No need to install additional plugins — just send conference link to other participants and they ...

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Tettra chat bot


Tettra helps your company keep up the pace when things are moving fast. When your team is small, it’s easy to stay in the loop. In-person conversations, 1-on-1 chats, and ...

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Scatterdot chat bot


Upload or link to a photo, screenshot, chart, diagram or any other picture you'd like to talk about. Then point at things in the picture and discuss with others on ...

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ClickMeeting chat bot


Meet and collaborate with partners and clients using ClickMeeting webinar platform. Connect from any browser, share your screen with a single click and record you meetings. Upload and share your ...

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RightGIF chat bot


Whilst it’s fun to get bizarre and occasionally inappropriate GIFs throughout your conversations, we think there’s a better way. RightGIF isn’t about random animated GIFs, it’s about getting the Right ...

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Status Hero chat bot

Status Hero

Status Hero is a "set it and forget it" tool for tracking and visualizing daily goals and status updates. Your team members check-in by responding to the friendly @statushero bot, ...

Slack   |  3044 |  0. |   0 chat bot is an app that allows you to communicate via short videos with your friends, colleagues, and the world in general in real-time. Through this integration, you can connect a ...

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MailChimp chat bot


MailChimp is an online email marketing service for managing contacts, sending emails, and tracking results of your team's email campaigns. This integration will allow you to receive updates when people ...

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Room chat bot


Room offers stress-free video calls and screen sharing, right within your browser. This integration lets your team use the /room slash command to quickly share a link to a Room ...

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Zoom chat bot


Zoom combines cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and group messaging into one easy-to-use platform. This integration lets your team use the /zoom slash command to start a meeting right ...

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RSS chat bot


The RSS integration allows you to subscribe to an RSS or Atom feed URL and receive updates in Slack. Feeds will be fetched periodically, and new items will be posted ...

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GoToMeeting Free chat bot

GoToMeeting Free

GoToMeeting Free offers simple, HD video conferencing in your browser for up to three people on your team. This integration lets your team use the /gotomeeting slash command to easily ...

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Email chat bot


This integration gives you a special email address that you can use to subscribe to important notifications from any service. Emails sent to this address will show up in your ...

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Blue Jeans chat bot

Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans makes video conferencing and content sharing easy via mobile, desktop, and conference room systems. This integration allows you to launch Blue Jeans meetings from any Slack channel, private ...

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Google+ Hangouts chat bot

Google+ Hangouts

Google Hangouts lets you communicate with your team via instant messaging, voice calls, and video calls. This integration allows you to easily start a Hangout with the members of a ...

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Bonusly chat bot


Bonusly is a social recognition platform that allows you to reward your colleagues with instant peer-to-peer bonuses and gain valuable insight into the strengths, skills, and accomplishments of your team. ...

Slack   |  3118 |  0. |   0 chat bot provides one-click video conferences right in your browser without requiring PIN codes or additional software. This integration lets your team use the /appear slash command to start a video ...

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Twitter chat bot


Twitter is a social network and microblogging service where users post 140-character messages called "tweets" to their followers. This integration will allow you to: * Automatically expand pasted Twitter URLs, ...

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Screenhero chat bot


Screenhero is a collaborative screen sharing app with multiple mouse cursors and voice chat, letting your team work together like you're at the same desk. Code with others remotely, iterate ...

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Kifi chat bot


Featured as a top app by Slack Developers in Slack's App Directory! Save links shared in messages Links shared within Slack channels are automatically saved or "kept". Kifi creates a ...

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Spectrum 2 chat bot

Spectrum 2

Spectrum 2 interconnects the Slack channels with another 3rd-party network accounts like for example Jabber. When configured, the 3rd-party network contact list is showed in your team in special Slack ...

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Props chat bot


Props makes recognition easy, fun, and public. Anyone can give “props” to team members using our ‘props’ reaction emoji. All the props then get broadcasted to your office TVs. Each ...

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Small Improvements chat bot

Small Improvements

Small Improvements is a performance feedback solution for small to medium-sized companies. It covers 360° feedback, performance reviews, goals&objectives, and continuous feedback. Our two-way integration helps keeping your staff in ...

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Blitz chat bot


Blitz is a free app that seamlessly adds instant messaging to all your recruitment media and hiring efforts. Engage with talent interested in your company and convert them into actual ...

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UberConference chat bot


UberConference fixes all the broken and outdated aspects of traditional conference calling, giving you a simple and pain-free way to schedule and run audio conferences and online meetings without the ...

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Ideabot chat bot


Save any idea from right within Slack by typing this: /idea my brilliant idea Whenever you want to find it again, or search for other similar ideas, you can do ...

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Quickchat chat bot


Quickchat lets you start a realtime HD video chat instantly from Slack. There is no application or plugin to download and install. It is the fastest way to start talking ...

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Sketchboard chat bot


Sketchboard brings sketch diagramming whiteboards to Slack. Use over 400 ready made sketch shapes to quickly and in a fun way to communicate your structural ideas with your teammates. Create ...

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Slackline chat bot


Do you need to collaborate with a client or a partner? Break down the barriers and share a channel with them using Slackline. You will be able to create shared ...

Slack   |  2926 |  0. |   0 chat bot is a tool for connecting any number of web services together to create application back-ends or personal productivity workflows. Use this Slack integration to connect Slack with any of ...

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Stranger Bot

A bot that allows you to talk with random people directly on Facebook

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Pep is an employee engagement bot for your Slack team. It collects interesting facts about team members and creates quizzes around them. It also inculcates the habit of taking and ...

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Breaking News

Get alerts for major stories, or any of our 60,000+ topics, sent directly to a Slack channel as soon as they happen.

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Awesome is an intergalactic bot that offers playbooks for decision-making, team alignment, and reflection. By using these handy commands to annotate your work, Awesome will keep track of the important ...

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Skype lets you move your work conversations into a free group call with your team. Simply use the /skype command to start the voice or video call.

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